Asphalt Sealing

Protect and Beautify Your Property

Sealing of your driveway, or parking lot is a way to beautify your home & or business. Not only does it enhance the outer appearance, but it ensures a longer life span of your asphalt. You must repair any cracks or damage to the asphalt first. It must be clean of any dirt & debre. Here are some of the benifits of sealing your asphalt.

Restores Original Attractive Appearance:
Proper Sealcoating techniques will provide a jet-black finish and the rich appearance of a new parking lot. A finished job will enhance the decor and visibility of your property.

Seals and Weatherproofs Exposed Surfaces:
Sealcoat materials are designed to seal and protect asphalt surfaces against damaging forces such as the Sun’s ultraviolet rays, petroleum products, road salts, and most of all water.

Improves General Conditions:
Winter time effects of snow and ice are greatly diminished due to the pores of the asphalt being “sealed” which minimize ice bond with the surface. Also, parking lot areas and roadways that have been seal coated on a maintenance schedule are much easier to sweep clean from dirt and debris.

Saves Money Through Preventative Maintenance:
An effective maintenance program including Sealcoating will defer and many times eliminate the need for costly asphalt repairs due to neglect and destructive natural forces.