Commercial Services

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Patching,  ASPHALT Crack  SEALING and  Pothole  Repairs

Contact us for fixing asphalt problems and to ensure no more damage to pavement occurs outside your commercial property. As a part of our parking lot repair services, we offer asphalt crack sealing, pothole repairs, and asphalt patching.

Maintenance  and  Emergency  Service

For routine asphalt maintenance or urgent parking lot repairs, you can depend on JT’S Asphalt Services Ltd to get your asphalt repair job done right and on time. Each year, many kilometers of cracks in asphalt pavements are left unsealed. This allows moisture to creep under the asphalt and pavement deterioration begins. When moisture enters a pavement crack, it slowly works its way down to erode the base.

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The pavement begins to sink and crumble, causing more cracks to form and creating pot holes. This process is accelerated by freeze and thaw cycles of our winters. We at JT’S Asphalt Services Ltd are fully equipped and ready for any asphalt crack sealing and driveway crack sealing job 7 Days a week.

Hot rubberized crack sealing is the single most cost effective pavement maintenance process. Hot rubberized crack sealing will prevent water from infiltrating down to the sub-base and creating potholes and alligator cracks, along with preventing the asphalt cracks from spreading further. Hot rubberized crack sealing is especially ideal for older parking lots with heavy cracks. It can extend old parking lots up to 7 years more. The seal bonds and connects the weakest cracks together acting like a bonding agent and preventing it turning into a pothole. Asphalt Crack sealing also protects surrounding good pavement, from cracks spreading.

Pothole  Repair  Service

The penetration of water in the top layer of asphalt via cracks in the parking area results in potholes. Sections of the pavement get forced up due to expansion and freezing of moisture. When a vehicle passes over a section, it results in breaking of the pavement. This action forces out the asphalt.

The issue of potholes is usually witnessed during the spring season. To avoid such issues, regular annual maintenance is a must before winter. This is where JT’S Asphalt Services Ltd. takes the stage. We will fix any number of potholes (even one to two), thereby ensuring the parking becomes safe again.

Speed  Bumps

Speed bumps are used in a variety of places but all serve to promote slower speeds by motorists. This is done to increase the safety of pedestrians, prevent shortcutting through sites, street racing, and many other activities that would impair the enjoyment of the customers or tenants of a site or complex.

Speed bumps are primarily painted yellow for high visibility, however sometimes yellow stripes are used either to frame the bump or diagonally across the bump. Sometimes, the speed bump is painted in white.