Hooking Up Your BOSS Snowplow With Ease




As the saying goes, Time Is Money, this saying is particularly relevant in the snow plowing industry.  Hooking up your snowplow with ease and speed, helps you get out on the road faster to begin your snow removal jobs. 

  Many snowplow professionals choose the BOSS brand of snowplows because of the ease of the attachment system.  The simple three step hydraulic powered attachment system, called SmartHitch2, makes the Flip, Plug and Click method a favored choice.

At times its hard to hook on by your self & at times your tired,

A couple of ticks to help trouble shoot a few things.

A: Your hooked on but the plow tower will not go up, but the plow goes from side to side. 

B: Check and make sure your controller is in FLOAT. Paddle controllers, push and hold until light turns red. Joystick controllers, click red button in the down position.


A: Your hooked on , but it took you 5 times in and out of truck to get there.

B: Once your hooked on. Lower tower , sit in truck like your would normally for plowing. Put a decal or a little strip of white paint on back of drivers plow light. Then put the same on the back of drivers wiper blade so as it lines up with the mark on the back of light. Next time you go to hook up, line up marks and away you go!

Hope these small tips help. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us .