Tips for Choosing Commercial Pressure Washer

February 13, 2018

The commercial pressure washing services are not just limited to residential buildings. They can also be used for condos, apartment buildings, restaurants, storefronts, and government facilities. With various service providers in the Fraser Valley, finding the best one is not easy.

Here, we have listed some tips you need to follow when searching commercial pressure washers from the Fraser Valley.

Flexible solutions

Each establishment has its unique structure and requires a different level of pressure. A pressure cleaning company has to be adept enough to use right tactics for cleaning the commercial building.

Experienced Staff

Due to the use of pressure, there can be a lot of accidental damage to your property. Therefore, choose a service provider with an experienced staff. They will ensure your windows and other important aspects of your property are not damaged.

A transparent price quote

The price of pressure washing services varies by the requirements of the clients and the structure-type. A trusted company gives you a clear quotation for free based on your needs. You need to ensure that they don’t have any hidden charges.


It is very obvious to check whether the company you have selected is fully insured. This ensures you don’t have to be liable in case an employee slips on the property.

JTS Asphalt Services is a professional pressure washer from Fraser Valley that possesses all the traits mentioned above. 


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