Residential Services

Driveway  patching,  ASPHALT crack sealing  and  pothole  repair

We can repair asphalt problems and prevent further pavement deterioration in various ways, depending on the nature and extent of the damage. Our driveway repair services include: asphalt patching, pothole repairs, asphalt crack sealing. When cracks in asphalt pavements are left unsealed it allows moisture to creep under the asphalt and pavement deterioration begins.

When moisture enters a pavement crack, it slowly works its way down to erode the base. The pavement begins to sink and crumble, causing more cracks to form and creating pot holes. This process is accelerated by freeze and thaw cycles of our winters.

JT’S  Asphalt  Services  is fully  equipped  and  ready  for  any  asphalt  crack  sealing  and  driveway  crack  sealing  job  7  Days  a  week.